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Strength and Conditioning / Injury Reduction

"The greatest ability is availability"

Injuries are an unwelcome fact in soccer or any highly competitive and physically demanding sport. Preparing for training and competition by conditioning the body to specifically be in the necessary shape for the demands put upon it, remains the greatest defense against the harm that exists and can derail any player.

At Marin FC, our specialist staff hold regular season sessions of 30-45 minutes in length to both educate and train our players on how to defray to the greatest extent possible the risk of injury. While no program can guarantee 100% risk elimination, ours intends to reduce injuries while improving body mechanics and performance.

Below you will find the current SCIR schedule of sessions. Teams will be notified in rotation, which sessions are dedicated to their squad (scheduled to coincide immediately before or after regular trainings). Any Marin FC player wishing to, may attend any session.

SCIR Late August
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