The Spring Institute is open to all players ages 6 - 14.


Designed to gather players from around Marin looking for spring training and games, Marin FC's Spring Institute spans two solid months (March & April) and offers a flexible schedule to accommodate other player activities and commitments. Pick the sessions that work for you. Total training is up to approximately 48 hours (32 sessions) on weekday afternoons, with small sided competitions on weekend mornings.

(Players currently registered with a competitive team for a club other than Marin FC will need permission from their club's Director of Coaching prior to participating)


The Spring Institute schedule is specifically designed to offer sessions on each day of the week across a two week span, thus allowing players with other spring sports or activities to thread together their own optimal participation plan.

We encourage players to look at their schedules and choose those sessions that best fit for them.  Even if a player chooses to attend only 1/2 the sessions available, the Institute is still the best value available for the combination of training and competition.

The March through April specifically leads to the doorstep of May tryouts with Marin FC, making the Spring Institute the best way to prepare for the 2020-2021 season at the club and the highest levels of competition available in Marin and Northern California.

Sister Teams


Players looking to advance their skills and their understanding of the game will benefit from both training with and competing against like minded athletes from around the county. Training and game sessions are all on centrally located Marin FC fields and under the guidance of Marin FC coaches (regarded as the most advanced in N. California).

Separate sessions are provided to ensure age, gender and skill appropriate challenge for all levels of players.


Cost of the 2020 Spring Institute is $275 for a single participant and $225 each for siblings.

Marin FC uses TeamSnap's state of the art registration and team management systems. Once enrolled, players will be assigned to the Spring Institute team or teams, and will then receive schedules, updates and other coaching communications through their TeamSnap portal on web or mobile device.


The Spring Institute schedule is deliberately designed on a two week rotational basis.  On one week, trainings will occur on Tuesday and Thursday, and the next week the trainings will occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This staggered layout ensures that players with other spring commitments will always be able to navigate around their other activities to find training days that work best for them across the spring.

Exact schedules are published in the TeamSnap team Calendar so that players have direct and up-to-date access.

A preliminary schedule is shown below.


Marin FC relies on a network of fields and partners. Roughly 80% of the fields used by the club are within a two mile radius of downtown San Rafael.  For the 2020 Spring Institute, 100% of the fields used are within that area and include Dominican University, Marin Academy, Redwood High School, College or Marin and Piper Park (Larkspur).

Rain in the spring months can delay the opening of fields or cuase the closure of otherwise open pitches. Marin FC carefully calculates any prevented training or game sessions and pro-rates a refund to all participants should more than 25% of the sessions be cancelled.


(subject to final field selections)


3/2 - 4-5:30pm, 3/4 - 4-5:30pm, 3/6 - 4-5:30pm, 3/7 - 9-10:30am, 3/10 - 4-5:30pm, 3/12 - 4-5:30pm, 3/14 - 9-10:30am, 3/16 - 4-5:30pm, 3/18 - 4-5:30pm, 3/20 - 4-5:30pm, 3/21 - 9-10:30am, 3/24 - 4-5:30pm, 3/26 - 4-5:30pm, 3/28 - 9-10:30am, 3/30 - 4-5:30pm


4/1 - 4-5:30pm, 4/3 - 4-5:30pm, 4/4 - 9-10:30am, 4/7 - 4-5:30pm, 4/9 - 4-5:30pm, 4/11 - 9-10:30am, 4/13 - 4-5:30pm, 4/15 - 4-5:30pm, 4/17 - 4-5:30pm, 4/18 - 9-10:30am, 4/21 - 4-5:30pm, 4/23 - 4-5:30pm, 4/25 - 9-10:30am, 4/27 - 4-5:30pm, 4/29 - 4-5:30pm


5/1 - 4-5:30pm, 5/2 - 9-10:30am