Parent Code of Conduct


The parent’s role is one of support to the players, coaches and Club. The most important way to show support is by leading with positive role modeling and encouragement.


Every parent is expected to “Honor the Game” of soccer and honor the Parent Code of Conduct in words and actions by:

  • Showing respect and courtesy to all players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators at all times, including those of opposing and other teams.
  • Demonstrate and encourage good sportsmanship and the concepts of fair play.
  • During games, keep comments to positive encouragement and refrain from shouting instructions or coaching. Let the coach do the coaching.
  • Refrain from questioning officials’ decisions or from addressing them in a disrespectful or abusive manner. Understand that officials, just like players make mistakes. Let the game officials handle the officiating.
  • Appreciate a good play no matter who makes it. Recognize and acknowledge maximum effort, learning, and improvement and understand that mistakes happen in the process. Refrain from assessing, criticizing or talking negatively or hurtfully about any player.
  • Remember who the player is: your child. Be your child’s best fan and supporter. Focus on fun, effort and participation. Keep sports in proper perspective.
  • Refrain from making comments about your child’s teammates or opposing players. Be mindful that there may be other parents, officials and spectators in the stands.
  • Help your child be on time to all games and practices or notify the coach beforehand.
  • Support a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment at youth sporting events.
  • Refrain from criticizing your child’s coach to your child or other parents and players.
  • Encourage your child to be the point of contact for all communication with the coach.
  • Observe a mandatory “24-hour cooling off” period following a game to discuss any issue you or your child may have regarding the game. After the 24-hour period, you may contact the coach to arrange a time to privately discuss the issue.


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