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2013 U14 Girl’s Team Selection Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 10:03

The following players were selected to the Marin FC U14 Girls player pool:

1    Albert Kayla
2    Ball Addison
4    Campas Julianna
5    Campodonico Stella
6    Cross Kira
7    Cuenco Natalie
9    Dailey Grace
10    Day Nye
13    Dillon Maegen
63    Gonzales Maya
20    Halford Hannah
21    Heidinger Emma
22    Henry Kaitlyn
23    Herbermann Zoe
25    Kessel Kira
28    Lange Sarah
29    Long Natalie
30    Mahaney Zoe
31    Manthouli Athena
35    mendoza abigail
36    Meyer Sengen
37    Morales Mariangela
70    Ochoa Ruth "Corina"
41    Olson Grace
43    Park Anna
44    Parker Shasta
64    Pavlosky-Anton Angelina
46    Robinowitz Helena
47    Rollo Hannah
48    schten rachels
49    Serchia Silvana
51    Sherley Tristen
52    Silmore Lucy
53    Spina Sydney
56    van Hasselt Jo
57    Waldron Haley
61    Yoder Rachael
62    Young Sara

All selected players will receive an e-mail from the Club President by 11:59pm on Thursday March 7.  The e-mail will include a registration package and information about the mandatory Tuesday March 12 registration meeting @ 6:30pm (for Girls) to be held at the Mill Valley Community Center.  We will require an original document of player identification (passport or birth certificate) at the registration event as well as a copy of the birth certificate, which is necessary for player league registration. If you intend to apply for Financial Aid please contact Vicki Sodaro ASAP at HoodSails@aol.com or (415) 706-9011. Financial aid forms are available in English and Spanish on the Marin FC web page. They will also be included in the registration package. If you do not receive this e-mail (please check player and parent email) by the stated time, please contact Club President, Bo Stehlin at bostehlin@marinfc.com or (415) 596-6145.

If your name does not appear above, we strongly encourage you to attend an Alliance Club Upper House (bronze level) tryout.  For more information, please visit the respective Alliance Club web site:

If you want further information about your child’s evaluation please contact the coach via email:

Thank you for participating in Marin FC’s tryouts.



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