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referee videoThe following video was featured in a recent US Soccer Referee Department Update:

Each year, thousands of boys and girls become referees for the first time. Being a referee can be a very rewarding experience, but it's important that new referees have the support of their families. This video will focus on helpful tips for the parents of new referees. Watch

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Marin FC

The Fall season is almost upon us and we have a bunch of recently qualified Marin FC player referees. They’ve all played competitive soccer, so they know the game – but when they step on the field for the first time as a referee, it’s a whole different ball game.

Here are a few thoughts on being successful out of the gate, because unfortunately, refereeing is the only profession I know where perfection is demanded from the outset, with steady improvement expected thereafter!

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Earlier this year, Marin FC coach Eamon Kavanagh was invited by GOALS, Global Outreach and Love of Soccer, to coach soccer and teach English in Haiti.  GOALS is a nonprofit that provides basic services and education to boys and girls in Haiti.  Eamon will be there from July 15-21, 2014.

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Girls 99 Red Makes Semi-Finals in Evolution Cup

Coach Chris King and his Marin FC Girls 99 Red team tested the waters over Memorial Day weekend with a series of matches at the San Francisco Evolution Cup. Playing up a year, the girls went 1-2 for the weekend, but more than notching a win, they and their coach got a great sense of both player and team strengths and now have a clear development plan as they enter the summer season. Returning players Nikki Strack, Caroline Brockman, Skylar Vorhees and Caitlin Gregory all scored goals.

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Marin FC players are cordially invited to attend a Two Rivers soccer camp this summer – to learn new skills, to enjoy the outdoors, to experience personal growth, and to make new friends. 

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